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Psychotherapy and Counselling in Witney, Oxfordshire

UKCP Registered Integrative Psychotherapist working from 11 West End, Witney, Oxfordshire. I am currently working face to face with Covid protectives measures, such as sitting at 2m, hand sanitiser and keeping a window open in the room.

I am a trained individual counsellor and psychotherapist as well as couples counsellor.

I am a member of the Climate Psychology Alliance Click here and, as a Climate Aware counsellor, am able to offer space to explore Climate Distress, which is sometimes called "Eco-Anxiety".

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Climate Distress (Eco-Anxiety) Discussion Groups

******* Starting early 2022 ******

Monday evenings 6pm – 7.30pm

5 weeks of 1.5 hour sessions on zoom in a small group (maximum 8 members)

The weather patterns and environment on this planet we all call home are changing rapidly. We see devastating fires, floods, droughts and famine on the news and read reports from Global bodies, such as the IPCC Click here on the projections for the future unless we rapidly reduce our use of fossil fuels and take measures to reverse the damage to the other-than- human beings that share our world. To feel distress or anxiety in the face of this crisis is a completely ‘normal’ and expected response … and yet …. It can seem as if the rest of the world is just continuing around us, without noticing the problems. This too can lead to further distress for us and can be disorienting and confusing.

These small groups (Max 8 people) are intended to give you an opportunity to share and explore all the competing emotions that coming face to face with the climate emergency can create, in a supportive space. All sessions are facilitated by Paula Maddison, who is an experienced Psychotherapist and facilitator who has trained with the Climate Psychology Alliance. We meet online and will spend each week thinking and feeling about a different aspect of climate distress.

Climate change is too big an issue to face on our own – we need to be with others. We need community and support.

A fee of £20 is payable for each session and we will ask you to be present for all 5 sessions to provide continuity and certainty for everyone. Reduced fees are available for those on very low incomes.

Get in touch here Click here to e-mail to register your interest.

Individual Psychotherapy

Most people are a mystery to themselves. They find themselves pulled in different directions at different times and this can lead to all kinds of mental and emotional distress. In therapy we spend time getting to know the full complexity that is you and how each aspect or facet of yourself intersects and interacts with all the others. In addition we will be paying attention to how those different aspects interact with the ‘outside’ world in the form of other people and your relationships with them.

The aim of integrative therapy is not to find your ‘true self’ but to be able to navigate the world as your ‘whole self’, with all it’s complexity and freedom.

Part of our ‘wholeness’ is that we are not just individuals in the world but that we are affected by powerful systemic forces at play in our society which can impact us depending on our race, gender/gender identification, sexuality, ability/disability, class and cultural background.

As a member of the Climate Psychology Alliance Click here and a ‘Climate Aware’ therapist, I also take into account that we are all affected, even if it is on an unconscious level, by Global issues such as the Covid pandemic and ongoing climate and ecological crisis. Many people are experiencing 'Climate Distress' as a result of these unprecedented changes in our world.

Couples Counselling

January 2022 Update

***************** My spaces for Couples Counselling and my waiting list is now completely full **************

Our focus will be on emotions and how your 'way of being together' works for you and also the ways in which it doesn't work. We will examine this together and make changes with a focus on how emotions are thought about between the two of you. All the time, we will be working on creating ways in which you can engage with each other so that the relationship works for both of you.

We start with an 'initial session' all together, so I can find out what you are looking for as a couple. Then, if you want to go forward, I will have an individual session with each person where I will want to find out about your experiences of close relationships - from childhood onwards. We will then come back together for a fourth session where I will invite you to explore the beginnings of your relationship and how it has progressed. From there we will work together on uncovering the unhelpful patterns that have developed between you and discovering new ways of being together.

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