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Couples Counselling in Witney

UKCP Registered Integrative Psychotherapist working from 11 West End, Witney, which has easy access from surrounding villages, such as Eynsham, Long Hanborough, Carterton, Freeland and North/South Leigh. I offer couples counselling and, occasionally, individual counselling and psychotherapy.

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Relationship counselling for couples

My focus with couples is all about re-connection. I am trained in using 'Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples' Click here for further information and use a structured, but flexible approach to help you move from disconnection to re-connection.

Our focus together will be on emotions and how your 'way of being together' works for you and also the ways in which it doesn't work. We will examine this together and make changes with a focus on how emotions are thought about between the two of you. All the time, we will be working on creating ways in which you can engage with each other so that the relationship works for both of you.

We start with an 'initial session' all together, so I can find out what you are looking for as a couple. Then, if you want to go forward, I will have an individual session with each person where I will want to find out about your experiences of close relationships - from childhood onwards. We will then come back together for a fourth session where I will invite you to explore the beginnings of your relationship and how it has progressed. From there we will work together on uncovering the unhelpful patterns that have developed between you and discovering new ways of being together.

I usually work with couples for at total of 15 - 20 weeks, although it can be longer.

Oxfordshire Therapy and Self-Development Centre (OTS Centre)

As part of my professional development and services to clients, I am an active member of the Oxfordshire Therapy and Self-Development Centre (OTS Centre) community, with centres in both Witney and Oxford offering psychotherapy and counselling, along with therapeutic groups and other self-development opportunities. OTS is a diverse community of counsellors and therapists from a wide range of therapeutic orientations, offering a range of psychological therapies, methods and therapy formats. We provide a one-stop access and referral point for the general public, helping you find the ‘right’ therapy and the ‘right’ psychotherapist or counsellor for you. OTS is committed to providing impartial advice, information, assessment and recommendations for people throughout Oxfordshire, as well as providing psychological services appropriate to the individual, by tailoring the therapy to what you need and want (rather than prescribing a generic therapy on the basis of your diagnosed ‘symptoms’).

OTS is committed to finding affordable solutions for those unable to meet the costs associated with therapy.

Specifically, what OTS provides for clients is:
1. Choice of therapies: access to a wide range of therapeutic approaches, methods and formats.
2. Options to work from Therapy Centres in either Witney or Oxford
3.. Impartial information about therapy generally as well as services and practitioners available in the region.
4. Introductory and educational events as well as workshops on specific topics.
5. Referral service helping you choose the ‘right' therapeutic option for you as an individual, couple or family concerned.
6. Low-cost therapy service (with advanced trainees and recently qualified therapists).
7. Group therapy (a range of different types of groups and approaches).

To find out more about how OTS might support you in your self-development then Click here for the OTS Centre website.

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