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Psychotherapy in Oxford and Witney

Registered Integrative Psychotherapist working from two centres in Oxfordshire: the OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre, in Temple Cowley, Oxford and the OTS-Witney Therapy Centre.

The OTS-Oxford centre is within easy reach of Oxford city centre, as well as Iffley, Littlemore, Headington and with easy access from the southern ring-road, whilst the OTS-Witney centre is in the heart of Witney, with easy access from surrounding villages, such as Eynsham, Long Hanborough, Carterton, Freeland and North Leigh.

It can be daunting to consider counselling or psychotherapy and confusing to know which counsellor to choose for the best. There are many different kinds of approaches and all the recent research has confirmed that the most important element in getting a good outcome from therapy is the interaction or connection between you and your counsellor. It's all about who will work best for you.

Please have a look around my website and if you think I might be the right person for you to work with then make a booking for an initial session, at the OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre in Temple Cowley, or the OTS-Witney Therapy Centre where we can find out. Get in touch at Click here to e-mail

If you make the decision to make a booking for a first, exploratory session with me then during that first session we will explore your reasons for coming to therapy and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. It is also a chance for both of us to assess whether we feel we're suited to working together, and there is no obligation to meet again. If the decision is not to work together, then I am happy to refer you on to another counsellor or psychotherapist if you wish.

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What issues can I bring?

You can bring any issue you wish to discuss and many people find it helpful to talk to someone who is not a friend or a member of their family. It may be that you are experiencing anxiety or depression or have issues with work or relationships. Sometimes, there is nothing that you can put a 'label' on when you are thinking about coming for therapy, as you may just be feeling a bit 'out of sorts'. Maybe not handling the demands of your life like you used to? Whatever the issue that brings you to therapy, together we will work out how you see yourself and your place in your family, or the world in general and how this impacts on your well-being. As a therapist, I am interested in us discovering the unique way in which you experience yourself in the world and how you interact with others.

Oxfordshire Therapy and Self-Development Centre (OTS Centre)

As part of my professional development and services to clients, I am an active member of the Oxfordshire Therapy and Self-Development Centre (OTS Centre) community. OTS is a diverse community of counsellors and therapists from a wide range of therapeutic orientations, offering a range of psychological therapies, methods and therapy formats. We provide a one-stop access and referral point for the general public, helping you find the ‘right’ therapy and the ‘right’ therapist for you. OTS is committed to providing impartial advice, information, assessment and recommendations as well as providing psychological services appropriate to the individual, by tailoring the therapy to what you need and want (rather than prescribing a generic therapy on the basis of your diagnosed ‘symptoms’).

OTS is committed to finding affordable solutions for those unable to meet the costs associated with therapy.

Specifically, what OTS provides for clients is:
1. Choice of therapies: access to a wide range of therapeutic approaches, methods and formats.
2. Impartial information about therapy generally as well as services and practitioners available in the region.
3. Introductory and educational events as well as workshops on specific topics.
4. Referral service helping you choose the ‘right' therapeutic option for you as an individual, couple or family concerned.
5. Low-cost therapy service (with advanced trainees and recently qualified therapists).
6. Group therapy (a range of different types of groups and approaches).

To find out more about how OTS might support you in your self-development then Click here for the OTS Centre website.


In this section I signpost you to articles of interest about emotional and mental wellbeing.

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